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Introducing WiFi-K9

Your Mobile VPN

WIFI-K9 is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) application designed for mobile devices. The app provides its users with unparalleled security and privacy while browsing the internet.

For this app, Harrison Oak spearheaded the creative direction, designing all assets, including the brand, logo, and UI/UX (User Interface/Experience). To better help the development team visualize the app, Harrison designed and animated a full demo of the app in action, which you can view below.

A High Tech Mobile App

To illuminate the interface for the development team, Harrison developed a live demo reel of the app’s workflow using Adobe After Effects. Modeling the user experience of interacting with the VPN, the demo gives an overview of WiFi-K9’s different screens, transitions, animations, responsive buttons, and high tech visual style.

Your Network is Now Protected

Two Harmonious States

The app design is based around the OFF and ON states of your VPN; protected and not protected. When activated, the ON button and the Wi-Fi symbol are filled with blue light, reminiscent of electricity.

The color scheme for the interface design, gradient blue against carbon fiber black, gives an impression of technology while also being soothing and easy on the eyes. Constantly in gentle motion, the blue light color throughout the design was animated to create a pulsing energy.

Getting down to the Details

Custom Interface Assets

All of the assets in the app were created custom for WiFi-K9 based along a hexagonal motif. The repeating hexagon shapes of the background and logo carry over into the UI details, such as menus and buttons. The prominent WiFi symbol, unique to this app, was created along a hexagonal grid.

Custom icons for the menu and buttons were designed to look pressed-in using gradients. The menu folds in and out at the tap of the hamburger icon. The menu options come alive when selected through subtle animations.

Building the Brand

The Face of Cyber Security

In creating the WiFi-K9 brand, it was just as important to convey ‘cyber’ as it was to convey ‘security’. A bold utilitarian logo was created and paired with the repeating hexagonal background motif, which repeats throughout many interface assets. The color scheme of carbon blacks, and electric light blue was chosen to project a high tech, yet comfortable environment.

The sans-serif font “Industry” was selected for its high-tech and futuristic feel. The typeface has very square letterforms, mirroring the hexagonal mood of the application.