Jaeger Brass
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Jaeger Brass, Trumpetmaker
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Jaeger Brass is a line of trumpets and trumpet studio located in Westchester County, New York. Run by trumpet maker and master Ivan Hunter, who, over his 50 year career as a player, set out to create the perfect line of brass horns.



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Business Cards
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A grand rebrand

Jaeger Brass founder Ivan Hunter believes that his line of trumpets are the best in the world.So we created a brand to match.

With founder Ivan’s dedication and craftsmanship in mind, the brand was created to convey the sense of dignity and pride expressed in each trumpet produced in the Jaeger studio.

Photographing the Jaeger Trumpet

The product photography for the Jaeger line of trumpets was guided by the principle of clarity. Each trumpet model is differentiated by several fundamental features, so it was important to highlight these aspects photographically.

We used a lightbox lighting setup to illuminate the trumpets and make their polished metal shine bright. A plain white background was the ideal backdrop to reflect the diffused light and allow the instruments to take center stage.

Business Card Design

Ivan Hunter travels around the Northeast (and the world) with his band of trumpets, so he needed a business card to bring along with him. Harrison Oak created a custom business card to reflect the new brand and share Jaeger with those Ivan meets on his travels.

The card reflects the core colors of the brand: brass and leather. This color scheme, inspired by crafting materials, is complemented by a parchmentlike off-white. Because Ivan likes to scribble down notes when giving out his card, a blank space was retained in the design for note-taking.

Defining the Jaeger Brand

Like Jaeger trumpets, this brand was built to last. In addition to the text-on-picture style of logo design meant for typical display, we created logo variations for use on both dark and light backgrounds to ensure the logo is usable in different contexts. Since the brass finishes of the trumpets vary between gold and silver, both gold and silver logo versions were created to advertise the corresponding horn.