Happy Pet Labs 2
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Happy Pet Labs, Pet Medication Product
Pets, Medical, Retail
Branding, Photography, Print

For three years,  Texas-based Happy Pet Labs worked with Harrison Oak to build a successful pet medication brand from the ground up. To make the brand come to life, Harrison produced content in all aspects; logo and branding, label design, product photography, advertising campaigns for both print and digital.



Logo Design
Brand Development


Product Photography
Photo Retouching


Product Labels
Retail Packaging

Creating a Brand from Scratch

Happy Pet Labs is a small business that provides affordable, premium flea and tick medication for our fluffy friends. With the goal of universality in mind, we developed a brand that conveyed the trustworthiness and accessibility of the product.

Under Harrison Oak’s creative direction, Happy Pet Labs grew from a small eBay shop to a popular eCommerce store featured in major publications such as NBC, ABC, CBS, and Yahoo.

What’s in a brand?


Of course the name “Happy Pet Labs” needed a duo of happy pets. The design utilizes simple shapes and curved lines to represent the dynamic pairing of cats and dogs. Their heads, stacked on top of each other, create a harmonious pill-like shape.


The design uses a sans serif to convey the cornerstones of the Happy Pet Labs brand: friendliness and trustworthiness. The font is clean yet playful, allowing consumers to easily identify the information without typographic embellishments being distracting.


Lastly, we chose a color palate of pink and blue, with charcoal grey and white as the neutrals. The contrast of pink and blue highlights the duality between the species, as well as the unisex audience of consumers for the product.

Product Label Design

Nitenpyram, a flea killer, is the main product offered by Happy Pet Labs. The bottles needed an informative and consumer-friendly label that would appeal to pet owners of all genders and ages.

Harrison Oak developed corresponding light and dark blue color schemes to represent the two dosages. Continuing the blue and pink color duo from the logo, similar brackets were added around the perimeter of the label.  Instructions are written in clear sans-serif, ensuring that each pet owner is informed of the proper dosage and safety of the medication.

The labels feel cute and friendly, but pharmaceutical at the same time. In print, the labels look crisp and cohesive as a pair.

Product Photography

Now that the logo and labels had been created, the Happy Pet Labs line of products needed the perfect presentation to be sold online. We arranged a retail photoshoot in-house at Harrison Oak’s studio to capture the perfect product photos.

We’ve found great success. Extremely impressive and, quite frankly, above and beyond what I was expecting. You’ve done great work! Our company took off… In terms of our sales — we sold out in less than 24 hours. 100% perfect!

– Happy Pet Labs CEO M. Mitha