Glorious PC Gaming
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It’s here. It’s new.

It’s glorious.

Battlestations… ready!

Glorious PC Gaming is a premiere line of gaming hardware distinguished by elite-level performance and high-quality craftsmanship. The brand ascended to fame by offering the “best mousepad in the world”, selling over a million products to gamers around the world, and launching an additional line of PC peripherals including mouses, keyboard, and computer accessories.

Glorious PC Gaming Race worked with Harrison Oak to update their eCommerce website, as well as copywrite and design sleek new packaging for the world-famous Helios mousepad.


For the new packaging, Harrison created a realistic mousepad vector icon to serve as a non-photographic product rendering. Due to the mousepads’ unique form factor, two custom dielines were used to house the two different sizes of products.


Harrison formulated copy that is as compelling as it is informative. The writing struck a balance between straightforward instructional material and sale-focused language, designed to bring clarity into the client’s purchasing experience.

Website Design

Inspired by classic, modern website designs such as Apple, the Glorious PC Gaming design was bold, big, and sleek. Every product occupied its own space within the page, connecting as a unified line of gaming hardware but differentiating as separate products. Harrison Oak used negative space and high quality imagery to give each product the spotlight it deserved and highlight the variety of options for the consumer.

Consistency is key. The design stays true to the existing Glorious PC Gaming Race identity, proudly reflecting the brand through its use of fonts, colors, and sizing. The modernity expressed in the minimalism of the design is a perfect complement to a company offering a futuristic line of products.

Custom icons for wrist pad.
Bold banners for home page.

For the glory!

Huzzah! Our glorious new package was shipped out to battlestations around the globe. Following Harrison Oak design contributions, the Helios mousepad sold out online and in-store upon launch, and continues to be one of the most popular products sold by Glorious PC Gaming.