About Harrison Oak
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Harrison Oak is a multi-disciplinary designer and creative director that got his start working as a graphic designer in New York City. Harrison works with companies internationally to hand-craft compelling brands, combining professional polish with the personalized attention of a freelance consultant.

The work by Harrison Oak strives to build meaning and purpose, as well as inspire curiosity and connection through visual expression.

Skill Set


Harrison Oak got his start as the creative lead designer for a private New York City-based print production studio, designing packaging, print, and label work to be featured on products sold nationwide.  Harrison is acutely attentive to details and knowledgable in all aspects of graphic design, with a strong eye for layout, composition, concept development, and usability.

Harrison is attentive, passionate, and highly creative, with a knack for problem solving. He is an expert in Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere), as well as web savvy in his understanding of the modern technologies that shape the digital experience.  From print & packaging design, to brand-crafting and web graphics, Harrison will design multi-media experiences to meet your exact specifications and propel your company to success.


Design is multi-disciplinary way of thinking and a method of solving problems. It is communication, whether that be visual, written, or experiential.

Harrison Oak

Designer & Creative Director


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